About Radio Astro Tools

The Radio Astro Tools Project is an effort to develop a community-driven and curated suite of radio astronomy specific tools in python. The radio astronomy focus is particularly on non-CCD astronomy, including techniques for handling data from interferometric and single-dish telescopes and heterodyne and bolometer instrumentation.

Acknowledging or Citing Radio-Astro-Tools

Please cite the individual tools using whatever methods are suggested in their repositories.

The Team

Contact Adam Ginsburg and Eric Koch for more information on radio-astro-tools. We welcome community contributions and encourage anyone interested to reach out!

Developed by Adam Ginsburg, Tom Robitaille, Eric Koch, Chris Beaumont, Adam Leroy, Erik Rosolowsky, Crystal Brogan, Todd Hunter, Sam Skillman, and John ZuHone This project has been partially funded from the ALMA development program, with an initial grant to PI Adam Leroy and a second to Adam Ginsburg. ALMA, the NRAO, and the ALMA development program are funded by the NSF.


Most tools hosted at radio-astro-tools are licensed under a three-clause BSD license.