Snakes on the Fourier plane
Software Tools for Radio Astronomy

The radio-astro-tools organization hosts a number of community-developed codes pertinent to the analysis of long-wavelength astronomical data in the radio, millimeter, and far-infrared regime.


There is a suite of tutorials available to demonstrate how to use radio-astro-tools with CASA and for various types of data set. If you have any examples you can add, please send them on! Pull requests are welcome.

Signal Identification

Signal Identification: A toolkit for signal identification and extraction from data cubes.

CASA Python and CASA pip

CASA Python: A wrapper script to allow you to use CASA's python interpreter with other packages and independent from the CASA data reduction environment. [Deprecated - instead, several groups have worked together to make sure astropy and related tools can be installed directly into CASA]

Contributed Scripts

Contributed Scripts: A depository for community-contributed scripts that are not necessarily vetted or well-tested but may be useful to others
If you'd like to contribute, there's a sandbox that you can put test code in and use for learning git and github.


Developed by Adam Ginsburg, Tom Robitaille, Eric Koch, Chris Beaumont, Adam Leroy, Erik Rosolowsky, Crystal Brogan, Todd Hunter, Sam Skillman, and John ZuHone
This project has been partially funded from the ALMA development program, with an initial grant to PI Adam Leroy and a second to Adam Ginsburg. ALMA, the NRAO, and the ALMA development program are funded by the NSF.